INKANTO AXR7+ Ribbon Super Premium Resin

Super Premium Resin Ribbon for high performance. Both in terms of writing quality and print durability. Excellent printing For all types of barcodes as standard, small text and large characters.



The ribbon structure allows printing on a wide variety of synthetic papers (PVC, PET, PE, PP) on various matt and high gloss coated papers. Even on some uncoated paper. INKANTO AXR7 + Ribbon Super Premium Resin, good heat resistance up to 180 ° C. This makes this ribbon ideal for the labeling market and allows its usability in the flexible packaging printing market.


AXR7 +
PET Film Thickness : 4.5um
Ink Resin
Melting point 80 C/176F
Back coating Silicon based
Coefficient of Friction Kd < 0.2
Ribbon thickness < 9 um
The ribbon is anti static build-up