TSC Alpha – 2R Mobile Printer

This is a portable receipt printer. Small and inexpensive. The structure is made of plastic. Designed to withstand a 1.5 meter drop (About 5 feet).

TSC Alpha-30L/40L Mobile Barcode Printer

TSC Alpha-30L / 40L Support for a smarter, more environmentally friendly handling solution This new generation of portable printers also has a full line of accessories. to help with various tasks labeling, especially in logistics applications

TSC MH241 / MH341 / MH641 Industrial Printer

The MH241 / MH261 series features an advanced TSC Sense Care compatible with SOTI Connect teleprinters and TSC game consoles. Management to monitor printer status, display warning messages to maximize productivity and avoid delays.

TSC TDP – 247 TDP – 345 Printer

The TDP-247 can print 203-inch labels at a width of 4 inches and speeds of up to 7 inches / sec. The TDP-345 offers 300dpi high resolution printing at up to 5 inches / sec. Both models come standard with both parallel and serial USB connections.

TSC TTP – 244 PRO Barcode Printer

Barcode printer model TSCTTP-244PRO suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Mid-sized companies using barcode design software that has been certified by the factory to ISO 9001/14001.

Zebra ZD420 Desktop Printer

The Zebra ZD420 printer saves time and money and can print 6 inches / sec at 203 dpi. It is easy to replace the cartridge and the ribbon of the printer. Users can change the ribbon and get it back up and running in seconds.

Zebra ZT410 Industrial Printer

Zebra Barcode Printer Model ZT410
Printhead resolutions are available in 203 dpi, 300 dpi, and 600 dpi.
Industrial barcode printer
Metal parts and cover.
LCD screen