Zebra MC2200 – MC2700 Mobile Computer

Introducing the MC2200 / MC2700, an affordable laptop with all the features you need for your business. In small businesses, workers need to work wisely. Whether the employee is in the warehouse

Zebra MC3300 Mobile computer

The mobile computer barcode reader is a portable barcode reader. For barcode readers, The MC3300 barcode reader responds to the evolution of technology. with Android operating system

CipherLab RK25 Rugged Mobile Computer

The CipherLab RK25 is equipped with a number pad to enable different user behaviors. Especially for users who are familiar with non-visual input operations. Work in harsh outdoor conditions and need custom buttons, a 4-inch display with multi-touch panel developed from smartphones. make it easy to read and easy to use

Zebra TC21 / TC26 Handheld Computer

Zebra Wireless Handheld Barcode Reader Model TC21 / TC26 Touch Computer. Lightweight, easy-to-use handheld barcode scanner. It is a mobile computer that can be used in a variety of businesses, all the business features your workers need to get the job done faster

Honeywell CK65 Handheld Computer

The Honeywell Dolphin CK65 Mobile Computer is purpose-built to help with those objectives by maximizing worker productivity. The perfect blend of keypad and touchscreen, ergonomics, and durability, the CK65 is light enough to be used all day yet durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. With a 7,000 mAh extended smart battery

Honeywell Mobile Computer CT60

Honeywell CT60 mobile computer on Mobility Edge platform to connect data efficiently. Ergonomically designed to reduce user fatigue.

Honeywell ScanPal EDA61K Rugged PDA

Responsive performance and quick access to business-critical information with the speedy Qualcomm® 1.8 GHz octa-core chipset, ample memory and reliable Wi-Fi. Snappy, accurate data capture from a few centimeters to up to 15 meters